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DZ-900 double

DZ-900 double

The double chamber vacuum packaging uses a vacuum cover to alternate between the two vacuum chambers. When one vacuum chamber is in the vacuum chamber, the other vacuum chamber can place the package; thereby achieving the effect of improving work efficiency. Microcomputer program control, vacuum degree, sealing temperature can be adjusted, vacuum, inflation (optional), sealing once completed. It has excellent performances such as simple operation, high work efficiency, high configuration, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

  The vacuum chamber and the lower vacuum chamber of the machine are welded by thick stainless steel flanges. The fuselage is also made of stainless steel to ensure the appearance and the anti-corrosion effect when used under strong corrosive environment. (Vacuum pump displacement The size determines the working efficiency of the vacuum packaging. The vacuum pump in the technical parameters is configured as standard. If the customer needs a larger vacuum pump and size, we can customize it according to the customer's requirements if the internal space structure of the machine allows.


Range of use:

 This series of vacuum packaging machine is suitable for vacuum packaging of food industry, sauce products, soy products, condiments, seafood, frozen products, meat products, electronic products, handicrafts, etc., inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms, effectively avoiding oxidation of articles. Mildew and corruption, prolonging the storage or shelf life of the product.




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