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1820 Genmac Horizontal Champ

1820 Genmac Horizontal Champ

  • Cuts cheese blocks or other wire-cuttable products into uniform portions for retail purposes or further processing, such as dicing, shredding, melting, or blending
  • Product can be cut in any direction (14” side, 11” side, or 7” side)
  • Harp is easily removed for cleaning and wire change
  • Comes with an adjustable speed control
  • Uses 4 CFM at 80 PSI of air to operate. 
  • Compact design with an overall footprint of 75”L x 25″W x 46”H
  • All stainless steel frame and manufactured parts
  • 100% wash down components
  • Can be moved by two people without the need for a dolly or lift truck
  • Product load height and discharge are 35”
  • Height adjustable with leveling pads or casters for various discharge methods
  • Two-hand, anti-tie down control unit while the cutter is in motion, preventing operator interaction while cutting
  • Pusher returns to home position immediately upon release of the anti-tie down control, allowing loading while unloading product, reducing production time
  • Can be constructed for either left or right-hand loading


General Machinery Corp “GENMAC” has been focused on providing you with a full range of exceptional machinery since 1949. GENMAC Cheese Cutters are simple to operate, easy to clean, and reliable.

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